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BMX Racing Olympic History

BMX racing is a great sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all across the world. This form of racing was officially created during the early 70s and it is grown into an Olympic event. Teams from all over the world gather together during the summer Olympic games to compete. The following information will provide a brief history of BMX racing and its inclusion within Olympic sports.

BMX racing took off during the 70s. In 1972, a film called On Any Sunday was viewed by millions of young motorcross fans. Once they saw this movie, it motivated them to start racing their bicycles on off-road dirt tracks. Southern California is the primary place where this new sport emerged. It was also a popular past time in other parts of the world such as the Netherlands.

Many years after BMX racing was created, riders from all over the world wanted this sport to be included as an official Olympic game. They wanted to compete on an international stage against teams from other countries. It was a very long time before the Olympic Committee decided to include this event within their summer games line up.

In 2003, the Olympic Committee met in Prague. They addressed the matter of BMX motorcross racing and decided that it would be included within the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Rules and qualification guidelines were made for BMX racing which was now an official international sport.

Riders start off from a ramp and they race through a track of obstacles and banked corners. They also must perform certain skills to help them win the competition. Eight competitors typically go up against each other to figure out who will win the gold. The tracks are grueling and rider must have the right type of skill and grit to win.

In 2008, a Latvian competitor by the name of Maris Strombergs was the first person to get a gold medal. The other gold medal winner was Anne-Caroline Chausson of France. Mike Day of the U.S. took silver and so did Laetita Le Corguille of France.

Bronze winners were Donny Robinson and Jill Kintner from the U.S. If you haven’t noticed, the listings were for both men and women competitions. Die-hard BMX fans already know that the ladies love this sport just as much as the men. By the way in 2016 BMX racer Conner Field took home the gold for the U.S.

BMX Olympic competitions are expected to become extremely fierce in the coming years. Teams all over the world are stepping up their game and honing their skills in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo event. The BMX Olympic games are here to stay. Many people enjoy them and they also inspire the next generation who has a deep love of BMX racing and competition.

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