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Originally founded in 1978 by now BMX legend Bob Haro, the first successful line of Haro freestyle BMX bikes were not introduced until 1983. Haro soon became a powerful player in the market with competitors across the country and indeed the globe trying to imitate the styling and success of the Haro range. With such unique innovation, it is easy to see how the Haro brand rose to fame throughout the BMX explosion that was the 1980’s.

This styling and innovation continue today with the 2017 selection. Keeping in line with the old-school style that we have all come to associate with the Haro brand but using modern materials and manufacturing techniques. From the Lineage range through to the Downtown models, the extensive options of BMX bikes produced by Haro really does have something to suit almost anyone.

Depending on any individual requirements you may have, such as size and weight among other specialized needs, there are a number of other factors which may influence your choice when it comes to purchasing your BMX.

Haro is renowned for their success in the BMX racing scene, and this is with good reason. Not only do they obviously have good riders but those riders are on an effective, high-performance BMX. Easily accessible and distributed throughout the world, Haro has remained a dominant and reliable player in the BMX industry.

With such a huge selection to choose from and with Haro continuing to make quality bikes, frames, and parts, it is easy to understand why a lot of riders choose and choose to stay with Haro.

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