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The 411 on Freestyle BMX Rider Bob Haro

Often referred to as The Godfather of Freestyle due to his freestyle BMX riding legacy, Bob Haro was born in Pasadena, California, on June 29, 1958. There are some people who were just born to ride bikes every day, Bob Haro definitely being one of them.

Bob Haro’s Early Years

His love for bikes started at a very young age. Mr. Haro began to ride dirt bikes when he was in High School, but he soon ran out of money, and thus, he began biking. Seeing the passion that Bob had for bikes, his very supportive father decided to purchase him a Honda 100, which Bob decided to redesign in order to compete in motorcycle races.

Throughout his teen years, Mr. Haro competed in numerous motocross races—winning more than 50 trophies by 1975. The following year, Bob entered the BMX biking racing field by utilizing his brother’s bike. During this time, he was residing in San Diego, but he soon found himself moving to Stockton, California due to his parents divorcing. It appears that he was not greatly affected by the separation of his parents, as he decided to focus his time and mind on really getting into racing, riding for a sponsor.

Popularity on the Rise

In 1978, Bob Haro formed a partnership with R.L. Osborn, another BMX rider, to establish his first freestyle BMX team, which was able to make a debut in Chandler, AZ at ABA’s Winternationals. In 1981, Bob Haro, as well as another biker by the name of Bob Morales, decided to go on tour together to perform a variety of different shows throughout the country, as well as several areas of Canada. Very excited crowds always awaited them, waiting for these 2 to do what they did best—riding bikes like there was no tomorrow, performing one-of-a-kind tricks, as well as common tricks that left everybody in ‘awe.’ During this year, Bob Haro was utilized as a stunt rider for the Steven Spielberg’s film production of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Also, Haro designed the first fork and frame trailed to freestyle BMX. Manufactured by Torker, a bicycle company, became available on the market in 1982. Haro Freestyler was the one that conducted the marketing. It was extremely successful, placing Bob Haro in a very important position as an athlete.

The Invention of Flatland BMX Riding Style

Everything took a toll for the better from here for Bob Haro, as well as for his partner, R.L. Osborn. Flatland riding, which is a BMX riding style that is performed on a flat surface that is smooth, was introduced worldwide by these two teens, who were legends in the making, in the early 1980s. When people saw this style for the very first time, many wanted to try it. Bob Haro and R.L. Osborn started to become very popular in different places, becoming easily to recognize due to their one-of-a-kind talents.

Due to popularity as well as the skills needed in order to perform it, Flatland became part of the X Games in 1997. In terms of getting the reigns of it, Flatland is definitely a very difficult style to get the hang of, but it isn’t impossible. One just needs to practice every day in order to hit the nail on the head. This style has often been described as the external demonstration of a rider’s inner creativity on a bike. It has also been referred to as ballet on a bike, but a lot of people tend to not like this term a lot; therefore, this reference hasn’t picked up much.

This particular style, it is the combination and experience of a rider in total connection with his or her bicycle, performing a variety of different maneuvers on a flat pavement. Since it can be conducted on a great percentage of paved parking lot, many freestylers have started out as Flatlanders; therefore, many have been to become better at riding, in great measure.

Although this style is not as an attention grasper as other styles out there are, it has still been able to maintain a certain respect among all freestyle riders. Riders who perform this style created by Bob Haro tend to invest more than eight hours a day practicing in order to perfect their craft. When compared to other bike stunt disciplines present out there, riders who opt to perform this Bob Haro style tend to not receive the same type of support that other riders obtain; therefore, they have to finance themselves, utilizing different financing options that are outside the industry. Just like Bob Haro, the riders who opt for this style tend to disconnect themselves with the outer world by listening to music while they simply get lost in the movement of their bike.

Bob Haro Becomes a Legend

Due to having four knee surgeries performed, Bob Haro had to put his riding to a halt in 1985. This definitely caused a lot of sadness for him, as well as for his numerous fans. In 1987, Bob Haro was inducted into the American Bicycle Association Hall of Fame.

His love for biking has never stopped, even though he no longer can performed at the level that he once did when he was in his teen years. In 1993, The Godfather of Freestyle decided to create his own company—Haro Design Inc., which is a marketing and design company that is located in Cardiff, California.

His most recent notable appearance was in the London Olympic Games of 2012. In the opening ceremony, Bob Haro choreographed the dove bike sequence. It was an incredible moment that will go on to live throughout history.

Great Inspiration for the Youth

Bob Haro is definitely proof that you can accomplish anything that you want in this life. He set himself to become the best bike rider he could be, and he was able to achieve this and much more. He is a great inspiration for the youth. Mr. Haro will go on as one of the best bikers who have ever lived, hence his nickname The Godfather of Freestyle.

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