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For the past ten years, Verde has been creating and producing bikes with the focus of simple and clean products. Verde means green, and Verde takes this definition seriously. To Verde, green is in reference to creating new, fresh, and modern products. Verde BMX bikes are built to be classic, simple, and clean.

Verde bikes are produced in small batches to allow for intense detail work that is impossible to get with mass production. Verde bikes stand out from the crowd literally and figuratively with their variety of color options.

In addition to selling full bikes, Verde also sells individual parts. These include frames, forks, bars, cranks, wheels, seats, and more. Bikes made by Verde are typically smaller than competing brands, which may present difficulty for bigger riders. However, most people can ride a Verde without significant difficulty.

A Verde bike stands out well for beginning BMX riders. The bikes are often a little cheaper than other options without compromising safety and quality. A Verde bike will most likely wear down within the first year of use with heavy riding, although this is not necessarily a bad thing.

For beginners, upgrading after about a year is a decent timeline. After about a year, a rider most likely will know if they enjoy the sport or not, which ties directly into the decision to purchase a higher level bike.

Expert BMX riders would most likely be interested in a higher level of bike than Verde can provide. For beginners, Verde bikes are colorful, sturdy, safe, and made with details in mind.

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