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When buying a BMX bike, it is important that every part of it is of the highest quality. Additionally, you must check that all parts work well together. When you perform tricks and jumps, you want the bike to work with you and not against you. One of the most important parts of a bike is the chain. It should be resistant, as it will suffer constant abuse that BMX riding generates. However, you must aim to find a lightweight chain, as to not add much weight to the bike, which would make its handling harder. Additionally, it must always be oiled properly, so it rides smoothly. When looking for the best chain for you, you must consider several factors such as weight, strength, durability and price.

Several brands produce high-quality chains for different price ranges. One of it is Malvenstar chain, which is very affordable and resistant. Those are a good choice for riders that are just beginning or for any practice bike. Other affordable brands are YBN or KMC. These brands create chains that are perfect for those on a budget. Wippermann produces some of the strongest chains made. This brand is for those riders that will generate constant abuse on the bike, and who are willing to spend a little bit more on it if that means that they don’t have to change it very often. Whippermanns are regarded as one of the best chains on the market. However, their chains are heavier than one may be used to. Choosing the right chain for your bike is not an easy thing to do. I recommend that you try one, see how it feels riding with it and keep working until you find the best one for your style.

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