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BMX in the Olympics | Freestyle Park Confirmed for Tokyo 2020 Games

There is big news in the world of BMX biking. Freestyle BMX will have a place in the 2020 Olympic Games which will be held in Tokyo.

Freestyle BMX first made an appearance in 2008 in Beijing and now riders are training to be part of the Olympic Team.

Last year it was announced that skateboarding was to be an Olympic event. Many are wondering how BMX biking will fit into the freestyle action sporting events.

According to officials adding Freestyle BMX to the games will attract a more diverse viewing audience.
The Olympic Committee is trying to make the games more appealing to a younger crowd. Events such as Freestyle BMX , skateboarding, and climbing challenges are more appealing to this audience that would normally pass up these games.

While these events are popular people see BMX as a lifestyle and not just a sport. They may not want it to be on display for a global audience. Since Freestyle BMX is an Olympic sport it is going to provider riders additional sponsors and new opportunities.

Many people still feel that this will be good for the sport.

Riders do not just want to be seen for their skills. They are honored to be part of an Olympic team.
Logan Martin who is a Freestyle BMXer from Australia has stated “ This is 100% good for BMX. Everyone is at the top of their sport and this is an amazing opportunity.”  He also feels that BMXers have put their partying ways behind them and are concerned about training. They are looking and acting more like athletes now more than ever.

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