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Facility Evacuation Interrupts Vegas Nats

A fire recently broke out at the South Point Hotel just ahead of the Las Vegas Nationals last weekend. As a result, officials ordered the complete evacuation of the facility. Naturally, this disrupted the main event.

Tiffany Choat was there and had this to say:

The police were seen rushing up to the announcer, Erick Grindle, as he was making some announcements. You could see the urgency on the face of the officer as he told Erick to immediately shut everything down. Grindle did just that, in a most professional and clam manner I might add.

Understandably, all of the spectators were frightened. Everyone got up and made their way to the exit, while police and hotel security assisted all people in their efforts to get out. The evacuation happened quickly, and you could see the genuine concern that everyone had for each other in getting to safety. There were looks of panic on faces, and children were crying because they couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

Many people did not have their children with them at the time, so they were forced to begin the evacuation begin separated from loved ones – myself included. My eight year old daughter was actually downstairs in the stalls with her friend. Thankfully, security guards got them outside safely, but I found them scared and with tears in their eyes.

There were quite a few children who were unaware where their parents were. Older kids were frightened as well as they looked around to find their parents.

It was great to see everyone helping each other out during this time, even those that did not know one another. I have never seen such a genuine spirit of cooperation in my life.

As everyone assembled outside, in relative safely, people began to calm down. We still did not know what had happened, so speculations range from guns to a possible bomb threat. It seem like everyone had a different idea, but nobody knew exactly what had occurred.

The aftermath seemed like an eternity, and it was scorching hot outside – 114 degrees to be exact. In reality, we were probably only out there for about 30 minutes.

Afterwards, we were able to go back inside, but we were still shaken up and nobody seemed willing to tell us what had taken place.

Everyone kept their children close by there side for the rest of the day. The stands were full for the rest of the day, but you did not see the normal running around that kids usually do at these events.

From this point, the races started within 20 minutes. This was a bit surprising, and I do not believe that any missed their main.

I spoke to the bartender upstairs and he remarked that he had never seen anything like this before in the years that he had worked there. He was actually surprised that everyone remained for the main event.

The bar area ended up being packed with BMX parents not long after we returned inside the building!

We’re very happy to hear that there was no real delay or damage done, and things could continue as expected.
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